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  1. i think they are holding it back because they'll put a13 chips in macs in the future and if iPads replaced a mac it will cut down MacBook pro/air sales . apple pro apps ( Xcode . logic . final cut ) must have equivalent iOS versions . may be they will merge in the future .

  2. But this iPad starting at $799/- has better features and is cheaper than iPhone XS

    Infact the complete iPad lineup is cheaper as compared to the iPhone lineup even though it has better specs !!

    iPad 64GB(799) + Apple Pencil 2(129) is still cheaper than iPhone XS!

    I feel that the iPhones should start from $799/- for 64GB. That would surely be better!!

    What say??

  3. Request desktop site has been an option for iOS and Android for years when people don’t want the mobile site. It won’t redirect you from there

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