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  1. Light switches are a puzzle. Dimmable, with sensors for light and movement, they can be located to turn lights on and off automatically in some rooms. If you get a room "working" it's a great improvement. You use electricity only when needed, they turn off by themselves. They allow hands free movement so you can carry things and don't get grimy from touch. But you can't find a 'solution' in some rooms, pets or curtain movements can set them off. Placing them near the ceiling will help in some circumstances but we need an environment to find out where they work, and where they don't work, before installing all the wires and boxes etc.. Kitchens and hall ways are fairly easy because traffic enters and leaves frequently, for short time periods. Bedrooms or offices not so well, because you might be in there for hours.

  2. Finally. My limited knowledge of this is why the Oculus Rift sits on the shelf here. I don't want to pay $50/month to Iris, the only software I've seen so far that allows for importing a sketchup model into the VR environment. Being able to move around inside changes everything. Building smaller or "Tiny" houses requires precise locations of doors, drawers, lighting, light switches etc., that is easy in VR but difficult to get right in any legacy process. Latest design includes an electric elevator. I've built a dozen houses but never one with an elevator, especially residential. Three stops, sometimes there will be an "open to below" drop/space of 18'. One floor has access out both sides of the elevator. Walls are shrunk to 2 3/4" wide with exposed pocket doors etc., to save space. Two insulated spaces (house and sunroom) mean lots of glass and reflections that all have to be "vetted". What better way than to look through them? This is very good.

  3. Hi Justin.
    It's amazing the tools we have now.
    I need to try this one on my windows partition of my Mac.
    I wrote to VR sketch 3 weeks ago asking them if it might work with my set-up…
    They responded that it might work, and to let them know about my results.

    As soon as I get some free time, I will try it for sure. It looks amazing.

    Thanks for the great review of this tool.

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