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  1. This movie is Hollywood fantasy of what the Bush 43 President was. It's getting critically acclaimed throughout Hollywood but even some of Bush's political opponents, who knew the man and Cheney, are saying it's fantasy and not true history

    Not to say Bush was a great President or anything but those are the facts

  2. The editing here seems…strange. I enjoy the fishing cross-cutting, but the discontinuity in Bale drinking from his glass and the digital zoom on Rockwell are just jarring.

  3. Continuity issues in this scene are jarring sadly. Mainly how his hands change position at 0:11 and at 1:07 when he's drinking, it doesn't look like he's talking or that scene was shot at a different time and just cut in for some reason.

  4. Came for Bale. Stayed for Rockwell. Jesus Christ these actors don't get the recognition they deserve. Just the mannerisms alone is enough to convince you that it really was Cheney and Dubya talking then.

  5. As much as i am amazed by Bales Transformation and Acting, as usual. But also amazed by Sam Rockwell as Bush… he really captured his looks and mannerism. Two Great actors in Action.

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