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  1. dems are traitors that plot to kill fair elections by refuse to secure borders. globalists are same thing only demand amnesty after quota been reached. this rinse repeat cause high taxes/inflation/cost=kill new jobs from scratch potential, kill purchasing power for average person, rich crave monopolies while being less innovated as seen with apple

  2. I can wait to play to play kingdom hearts 3 i can wait to going right the new world and old world I some exciting for KH3 I can wait and I can wait to play the team sonic racing i can wait to play the new racing stage I can wait to racing right the world again is the new sonic racing games I can wait #KH3 and #team sonic racing

  3. Bloodborne still my undisputed favorite game of all time so I can’t wait to see how Sekiro is. Control looks rad and I’ve been waiting well over a decade for KH3. Looks like a great year for gamers, once again!

  4. Instead IGN, You should have MADE 1 VIDEO of all upcoming games coming out and divide them into sections such as fkrst being multi plat then others being exclusives for each company instead of this.

  5. Day 1 for me:
    Kingdom Hearts 3
    Devil May Cry 5
    The Last of Us 2 (if it comes out this year)
    Cyberpunk 2077 (if it comes out this year)
    Resident Evil 2
    Nioh 2 (if it comes out this year)
    Jump Force (HUGE maybe)
    Crash Team Racing
    Code Vein

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