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  1. I play Warframe, the right free to play game. Battle Royal sucks as a mode, let alone an entire game. When will this 1 viral game trend end?. I hate it so much. especially since they're all terrible.

  2. All the pressure is on MS. If they don't blow everyone's socks off, the "conversation" will immediately turn to sony in anticipation for their next event

  3. Really, all Sony needs to do throughout 2019, is promote Days Gone and announce release dates for the last Big 3 remaining AAA games and hold at least one event. Most likely PSX 2019. They don’t need to be pressured by anybody when they’re next move is obvious.

    We KNOW that the PS5 is coming soon.

    We KNOW that Backward Compatibility is a must-have feature, and it is obviously in talks at Sony (PS4’s x86 Architecture in PS5).

    Cross-Play is already a topic that Sony is being pressured on and finally publicly talking about as a potential future feature.

    We KNOW that improvements to PSN are being focused on (Jim Ryan as SIE’s new CEO).

    The plan is already in motion, and we are finally seeing exactly what as the year progresses, but Sony doesn’t need to rush into next gen. They’re winning now, and they are setting things up now, so they can win then too.

  4. No need to, when Sony's only gonna have 4-5 games released in the next 10 years that are compelling exclusives! I'll stick to Xbox and stream the few games they do end up releasing on Pos5!

  5. What I don't understand is how is CES still relevant if e3 isn't since they are both still modeled in the old school tradeshow format. Best buy's buyers aren't attending CES to negotiate with Samsung for example. Funny how you don't hear rumblings of CES dying.

  6. Please make Brian a regular on this show. He’s not only hilarious but his thoughts and opinions are almost always on point. Good stuff as always.

  7. E3 is just a show to showcase new things… If Sony wants their own Show, thats fine by me, aslong as they keep releasing stuff. E3 or not, i dont care, i just want Games.

  8. It's easy. Hold back telling the gaming media the release dates for the last of us part 2, death stranding and ghosts of tsushima till the Microsoft conference.. it would be the best thing.

  9. BTW, Sony could do a Nintendo Direct style presentation. Have it at the same time as E3 going forward, or of course as suggested when they have new games to show, and maybe more than once a year. Call it Sony Press Play or something, and you put it on the consoles first, maybe under live events, or a discreet ad on the dashboard. Sony owners get to see it first, then put it online a few hours later for all to see. Sony Playstation owners etc get first dibs, and it cuts out the cancerous "influencers" for a few hours at least.

  10. AMD Navi in PS5 is enough talk on its own. Release date announcements for Death Stranding and Last of Us 2. God of War 2 teaser. PSN name change announcement. Crossplay functionality. Backwards compatibility. Vita games ported to PSN. Etc. so much they’ll be able to do when the time comes. Having your own stage gives you more time to show what you want how you want.

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