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  1. The way Vanya was treated by her family was honestly kind of realistic, and I got pretty emotional at some points because of it. It's not that she was outright abused or neglected, but she was excluded and made to feel less than her siblings her entire life, to the point that she was willing to fall head over heels for the first guy who treated her nice because she had zero self-confidence. Frankly, I was rooting for her in the end.

  2. I started rooting for Vanya towards the end. She was treated bad her whole life, and when her siblings found out about her powers they tried to cage her. Number 1 was especially annoying towards the end.

  3. The Monocle ordered each kid in a measurement of strength from least to greatest. Should've known that with Vanya being the last Umbrella Academy member she'd be the strongest. Dunno why that didn't dawn on me until after finishing season 1.

  4. I wish this show wouldn‘t squander it‘s potential with such sloppy production (i know the money can‘t have been the issue, so i‘m guessing it must have been a time issue resulting in a flawed script). The story could have been done without glaring inconsistencies and plotholes. Also don‘t care for the forced music video-esque montages. This was a mess. And if the original comic had these exact flaws in terms of story, someone should have fixed them :/. This had potential. Btw , Netflix : rule number one when doing super hero movies. Keep the characters powers and their effects consistent, and explain deviations/progressions. Heck, the asians can do it, why can’t we?

  5. I guess with all the Marvel heroes leaving Netflix, they are now creating their own. As usual over-hyped series. I thought it was okay like some mishmash of a Series of Unfortunate Events meets Teenage mutants. Meh.

  6. Basically she turns into the Phoenix and kills the ape that’s like Charles Xavier. Number 5 takes everyone and travels back in time to prevent her from causing the Apocalypse.

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