HOTTEST 2018 Drones – Top 2018 Best Drones for the money. $50 to $1500. See each fly, camera quality, range, battery life, and more. A full overview by experts at Drone Camps RC.

Links to the Best of 2018 Drones below :

DJI Phantom 4 Pro : *Recommended for Professionals.
Use COUPON CODE: rc18off for discount.
DJI Phantom 4 “Obsidian Black” Combo : https://goo.gl/9MQRSH
DJI Phantom 4 White Combo : https://goo.gl/A3TUNC
DJI Phantom 4 Battery : https://goo.gl/Xc86Yi

DJI Mavic Pro – *Recommended for Pro to Hobby.
Use COUPON CODE: rc18off for discount.
DJI Mavic Pro 2 Battery Combo : https://goo.gl/zRJsvD
DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Combo : https://goo.gl/hWpzJ8
DJI Mavic Pro “Low Noise” Propellers : https://goo.gl/NATb3c
DJI Mavic Pro Battery : https://goo.gl/U45Eq5

DJI Mavic Air : *Recommended for Pro to Hobby.
Use COUPON CODE: rc18off for discount.
DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo : https://goo.gl/WfP8kz
DJI Mavic Air 1 Battery Combo : https://goo.gl/MpZQn7
DJI Mavic Air Battery : https://goo.gl/Qznbtb
DJI Mavic Air Propellers : https://goo.gl/k2MA2s

DJI Spark : *Recommended for Hobby and close in shots.
Use COUPON CODE: rc18off for discount.
DJI Spark with Remote Bundle : https://goo.gl/2JnkMY
DJI Spark with No Remote : https://goo.gl/TeHiqC
DJI Spark Battery : https://goo.gl/rzSXMf
DJI Spark Transmitter here : https://goo.gl/Kqx3Vp

DJI Goggles for flying FPV with DJI Drones :
Use COUPON CODE: rc18off for discount.
Link here : https://goo.gl/zEVcXW

Attop XT-1 Mavic Clone Toy Drone, *Recommended for a Trainer.
Use COUPON CODE: rc18off for discount.
Link here : https://goo.gl/neGafo

DJI Tello Drone : 1080p Mini Drone.
Use COUPON CODE: rc18off for discount.
Link here : https://goo.gl/LdwKKc

Drone Landing Pad – *Like I have in the video :
Link here : https://goo.gl/6GXNth

Other DJI Cases, Accessories, Lens filters, Etc :
Link here : https://goo.gl/iWBZq2

Music by Biocratic
Track : Handsome People
Soundcloud : https://goo.gl/9j2ZX2

Other links to some of my hobby favorite radios, batteries below :

Justin’s Favorites :
1st Hobby RC Radio of choice : FrSky X10S below.
Link here : https://goo.gl/1fzx2V
2nd Hobby Radio of choice : Frsky TARANIS X7 below.
Black : https://goo.gl/yAgKMT
White : https://goo.gl/NVVGxC
New Blue Taranis X7S version here :
Carbon fiber X7S : https://goo.gl/CfPauy

My favorite race quad battery.
Tattu 4S 1300mah Lipo Battery here : https://goo.gl/4dbuKj

Economy priced 4S 1300mah battery here :

My current favorite 5″ racer quad props : Emax AVAN Tri-Props :

My drone landing pad of choice here :

My Fatshark HD3 Goggles of choice here : Use the code : RC18OFF

Economy $50 pair of googles that have two diversity antennas. Great for the price.

My favorite micro brushless quadcopter is the Emax Babyhawk :

Disclosure : I may be an affiliate of any product shown or tested here on the channel. It may have been free or given to me by a discount. Either way. It is my duty to you the viewer to give an honest, unbiased opinion on an item. I’m pretty straight forward. If something sucks I will let you know. If you choose to purchase a product from a link here I may benefit from a small commission. Or may not if it is a company who just sent it for a one time review. I don’t get paid for making a video. So to those of you who do support the channel I want to say thank you in advance. Please subscribe and I will keep up the great videos for you guys!

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  1. Great vid but I thought this was a "Best Drones for 2018" video? Like Bruce said, it sounded like a commercial for DJi drones only. You mentioned Flight Modes like "Follow me" – which is #1 one my list as I am kayaking & bicycling but you didn't say if the DJi drones come with. Just that DJi plans on updating their firmware. Are those 3 Flight Modes included or not in (for example) the Mavic Pro?

  2. Wow the video looks really really good except for one of them but you can see the Earth is flat thanks for that in put and thanks for not using a convex lens to distort The View

  3. waw………not using an fish eye lens ……at very high altitude……………earth looks ACTUALLY FLAT ……….HMMMMMM !!!!

  4. For someone who is climbing a lot and in usually in low light conditions, which would you prefer. I think I will go for the Mavic Pro platinum. But I really want quality and good low light abilities

  5. I'm looking for a camera drone to film additional footage for my paragliding videos. I always have a helmet cam but would like some new angles to help bring some variety. "follow me" mode sounds great but can you just set it and then let it return to home when the battery gets low? I usually fly coastal sites that don't lead me very far from my start point. Also sheathed props would be essential so as not to accidentally cut the lines holding me in the air. Advice on the best drone would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

  6. The spark with the fly more package is a really nice unit. I have both Mavic Platinum and Spark, Love the spark for some things. For the money It is a really nice small drone. 1080P is excellent also. Remember that 4 k is not much good if you don’t watch it on a 4K device,ie: TV/ laptop etc.

  7. I'm looking to upgrade my drone I am going and and around Asia the Philippines Thailand Bangkok and I was told to get the Spark instead of the Mavic Air I don't know much about those drones I hear a lot about them but I don't know much about them I'm only going to Possibly drone minimum one time a week maximum twice a week and everyone says since I'm going overseas it would just be better to buy the spark because if I do lose it it wouldn't be a big loss because it's not as expensive as the mavick air the also told me that many can only see 1080I so for what I'm going to use it for which is just a little YouTube vlogging That would be more than sufficient I would like your opinion because I only wanna spend the money one time I don't need anything too fancy too crazy but I don't wanna buy the little 1 if it's best to just buy the Mavick air any feedback would be greatly appreciated thank you so much

  8. Can anyone recommend around $500 drone with 4k/gimbal, follow me, and GPS? I'm having a tough time finding something with all 3 of those !!!!! Thx…mike

  9. This is great for us people that believe the earth is flat and stationary with a dome above us, or you can call the dome van allen belt…our bible calls the dome the firmament.

  10. how do you quantify 40 mph when it only flies for 18 minutes. To me you should advertise ft. per second. So at 18 min battery life you can fly it for a less then 10 miles per battery charge.

  11. make sure you'd close your blinds when the postmen are in your areas to make sure conmen ain't seeing your bank details or personal business and put the letters away safely before opening the blinds again take care

  12. im looking for a drone and love the dji drones but dont use a phone. does nyone know if u can buy a screen to put on the controller

  13. Looks like 720p sux,strange. I made up my mind or I have two options: DJI Mavic Pro or the Phantom. You made it harder to choose 😀 Both is very expensive so I will see what I get. Thx,nice vids thoo

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