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  1. Major respect for this open minded and interesting video IGN. Honestly, it's refreshing to see something that shows how a game that seems one way on the surface can still connect with a player and represent something more for them. In a world where people seem to want to seek out drama or negativity in games, this shows that past all the surface level stuff what matters most when it comes to a video game is how FUN it is and how it resonates with the player.

  2. Well, did you see this, everyone?! IGN promotes negative female stereotypes! MICROAGGRESSION! HIT 'EM! Everyone knows that physical bodily damage is of far less importance than polygons on a screen! The ends justify the means! Beating people to a bloody pulp is okay as long as there's no skimpy clothing! Social justice forever! Who cares if we're being extreme?!

  3. Lmao, I remember I got my dad to rent this game for me. It was ridiculous, but it also played very well. Another treasure is Conker’s Bad Fur Day. I was 10 and played that game through a few times.

  4. So…why do people – especially Americans – always pretend that the Beauty of sexual attraction is a bad thing? Look even the host implies that playing this game, ogling at the Females in it is "bad" – even tho that is one of multiple aspects of satisfaction that this game offers.

    Its a stylized artistic depiction of human desire and beauty in a peace of Art.
    Not different from so many old Portraits, Paintings, Greek Statues that depict the unrealistic beauty ideas of the time. This is part of Art. It has always been.

    Also the idea that Sexualisation is an issue seems wrong to me. Its just the celebration of our Reproductive System and human desire. I mean…. I see that there is a sort of Asymmetry of Women vs Men being depicted – which is something we don't see as much in classical arts – but that doesn't mean that those spicy depictions are an issue, just democratize it and show equal amounts of sexy men and women.

  5. I admit to playing them all and X2 is still the best. I would like to see another in the series that had volleyball and jet ski racing taken to the next level, then go ahead and throw in some dudes, or not, because I guess it won't really happen. I would just love to see them throw in a season play for both sports I mentioned, and some online play. X2 had some of the best Volleyball gameplay out there and I loved the Wave Race lite gameplay, a series Nintendo shows no interest in returning to it seems.

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