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  1. Hey Nathie! Thanks for the video! I am actually playing with the VIVE today with my friends. Your channel is both entertaining and helpful for suggesting games. Keep up the awesome videos!

  2. I wish this was available on Vive
    Also +Nathie You should check out NOLO, I've made a whole VR setup with a ยฃ500 pc and a ยฃ150 tracking setup paired with my phone. Not Vive or Rift quality, but it's pretty cheap and it's the first super cheap VR setup for the masses : )

  3. Hi- love this but with my HTC Vive using revive when emulating oculus touch joystick with HTC Vive controller in this and other games (eg. Echo Arena) it doesn't moove (roll, tilt, pitch)smoothly.. it jumps 90ย degrees at a time in thay axis and is too sensitive/almost unusable..ย is this normal? ie it does it do this with the oculus touch controller joystick as well (to avoid motion sickness) or is there something up with the revive translation from touch to Vive controller and can something be done to fix this? Thanks anyone

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