Best Drones for the Money 2019

Checkout Skillshare and get your first 2 months free to try it out ➡️ **** In this video we cover the best drones in 2019 for beginners and advanced content creators. Check out all the drone on Kit here:

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? Show Notes and Resources ?

1. DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Combo

* Top recommended starting serious drone enthusiasts with radio transmission, high reliability and ultra low operating noise

* The Mavic Pro and Mavic Pro Platinum are a few years old now so you can find good deals on them on Amazon warehouse, eBay, etc

2. ($500 — $700 Budget) DJI Mavic Air

3. ($1000 Budget) DJI Mavic Pro Platinum

4. ($1500 Budget) DJI Mavic 2 Pro

5. Think Media Dream Drone Setup

a) DJI Mavic 2 PRO Drone Quadcopter with Fly More Kit Combo Bundle

b) DJI Smart Controller

c) PolarPro Filters

2. (New Tech for Creators) Check out the latest cameras, lights and live-streaming gear from CES 2019 in our video playlist here:

3. Check out FlytPath on YouTube:

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Sean Cannell from Think Media talks with Aldryn from the FlytPath about the best drones for the money in 2019. In this drone buyers guide you hear a dji drone comparison that will help you find the right drone for your needs.


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  1. If u guys want a rush and a awesome drone u should try a fpv race drone. U can fly over a 120 mph doing flips over or under gaps. U can do freestyle and test ur skills. I started with a big phantom like drone than switched to fpv (Ifirst person view). And love it

  2. Hello Sir DJI Mavic pro 2 combo pack sponcor me. I am youtuber My Channel Name is Dadarkar Chetan. but my not condition in drone buying. Please Help me. Pls. Pls. Pls.

  3. If he had done his homework, Autel Evo would be in there also. This is a total DJI video. Nothing impartial about this video at all. Come on!

  4. Anybody want to sale my BNIB DJI Phantom 4 Pro? Include backpack, camera, filters and 1 year warranty.
    I bought it last month but I should pay import charges if I bring it home (Indonesian). I will sell at $750 usd (better for me than I let it stucked in MN, USA), you can resell it as much as you want.
    We do the transaction via escrow/paypal to make sure I get the payment and you get the items. Let's make a deal

  5. the best drone for 500 is absolutely the ANAFI.for 400 you have the fimi X8 .both of these two drones have zoom and more then 25 min flight time and they are more quiet then the dji drones. Dji doesn't own the sky any more

  6. 500 to 700 hundred. Get frsky q7..or x-lite. Then get bnf drone. If not going to photograph stuff alot. I found I like fpv freestyle. Can always add nice camera Dvr. Once have transmitter. Range..adjusting plus works with allot of drones. Photograph drones are just that.. 400. To 500 hundred for transmitter good dnf drone. And goggles. If shop throw in tablet…

  7. I really don't understand when talking about the range of these drones being able to fly several miles out. Aren't you supposed have direct line of vision when flying according to FAA regulations?

  8. i just bought a tello drone love this little guy, non intimidating fly anywhere, still good photos 5mp and video at 720p and no one is calling the cops.. 🙂 but i see myself updating to a bigger one SOON i am hooked . LOL .tello is small and can fly indoors so i get my flights in even in bad weather. may the sun be at your back and your flight path clear.!

  9. A total beginner here…. thinking about the mavic 2 pro. Wondering if that’s over kill for my first. Will hopefully be using to aid in the creation of real estate videos as well as stock video. Also would like to use it for landscape photography to get a different POV then what I’m able to get currently from the ground… thoughts?

  10. All DJI drones? Really? That's not thinking out of the box at all! C'mon Sean! You can do better! I think your drone "expert" let you down. Autel Evo is less than a grand WITH extra batteries, bag etc., shoots 4K60, and beats DJI in many other ways as well (no forced updates, NFZ's (they can blow a shoot let me tell you!) and privacy issues (don't take my word, look it up). This is 2019…. remember? Things do evolve! Cheers!

  11. My girl friend appartment is over mine and thank god with the help of drone i can see if she there or not. Fortunately her father doesnt know about drones and it has a camera. He thinks its flying toy.. thanks..

  12. I bought a DJI Mavic Air.
    I didn't use it a lot yet because beginning with Youtube takes so much hours, starting up my channel, testing my GoPro Hero 6 camera. After I understand my GoPro camera, its time to fully test my Mavic Air drone.

  13. One of the problems I run into a lot and it's not just with drones, it's that every manufacturer out there thinks that everyone has a smart phone. There are lots of us retired people that don't need a cell phone anymore, but we like our toys and can afford to buy them now. I ended up buying a cheap Hubsan because it has a screen on the controller and I can't see paying $650 just for a controller alone, just because it has a screen.

  14. Shucks! I just got my Spark.I bought it to take footage of real estate properties (land or lots, especially) I'd be marketing to sell, or am studying for my consultancy clients. I've used it only a couple of times for work. How's Spark in your experience? Should I sell and replace.

  15. Sorry for beginners you forgot the Parrot Anafi. You get it for under 500 Euro and its great for Beginners. Easy to handle great Videoquality. And The Software is now great an d stable. It has a few feature which are very surprising in this price region. And its is super quiet and super small. Greets from Germany. Frank

  16. Wow like the drone……. it's a cool drone…. But I don't have that money to buy that drone. but Like all drones. thank you soo much for showing us this stuff which we probably don't know before…. Now i know………so thank you next time hope will get more intresting things may be we will see.

  17. Absolutely love this video it was beyond helpful as I am currently looking for a drone myself. It was very insightful I appreciate the great content. Keep it up guys..! ??

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