FPV drone racing – RC flying DeLorean prototype Back to the future for Universal Studios show??

Night flight footage here.

Ever wanted a flying Back to the future Delorean Drone / multi rotor quadcopter ? Check my Facebook page for updates : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008696536536
Movie special effects wiz Lord B.L Thackrey shows you how . part 1 of 2


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  1. Impressive,
    but has anyone produced a flying and driving one yet,
    where you can hover on the spot like seen in the movies,
    then the wheels turn back into the wheel wells,
    land it then drive along the ground too.
    Or the reverse to that,
    where you drive so far on the ground then take off like a jet. hopefully one day we will see a full working one.
    but still cool to see it just flying,
    as the real one was just all special effects with wires and stuff,
    and didn't really fly at all.

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