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  1. If they can adapt Iron blooded Orphans I think that will be realistic, think about it,
    1) Colony on Mars (check)
    2) Human machine interface (check)
    3) Child labor I.e. Somehow realistic portrayal of our current life (check)
    4) Astoroid mining (check)
    5) not that many overpowered mechs (check)
    There are many more… So it will be best if they adapt IBO.

  2. I love Gundam but I'm concerned about a movie adaptation. There's so much politics and other affairs which are not appealing to all audiences. It could turn out as Star wars Senate sessions scene but for a whole two hours. I hope it doesn't, but I have my doubts.

  3. I swear i'd rather watched a new storyline gundam movie than adapting the one year war so they can make a cinematic universe if they want to

  4. Anime needs a MeToo movement. Stop it! They aren't going to make a Gundam movie. They are going to make a movie pandering to Americans who like Michael Bay explosions.

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