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  1. That's what happen when you make wrong decisions to make SS at first attempt -.-
    People hated it and now because of this little backlash, they've decided to make a reboot of SS but will be any better now?

    well… …if Harley Quinn original actress stay in, than its great but other actors needs to be chose perfectly cause people did not like Will Smith as Dead-shoot.

  2. Margot still was the best harley they better keep someone. Least this way someone can explain what happen to the old crew while searching for a new squad

  3. As one of the few people who like the movie overall (yes, go ahead and clown me. It's a mess of a movie but had enough for me to enjoy some things about it) to do a reboot already is yet another sign DC/Warner Bros just didn't have a path to follow.

  4. Reboot Is Actually A Good Thing.. Considering how bad the 1st one was… Still mad how they used the joker in that movie

  5. Big Wig We need a title for this movie that doesn't draw attention to the fact that we're rehashing a movie that isn't even old enough to legally ride in the front seat
    Bill How about adding "The" to the front?
    Big Wig My……..GOD……..THAT'S BRILLIANT!

    and there was much rejoicing

  6. You know what, I'm pretty much speechless at this point. I think I'm just going to step away from the computer for once and just forget about the rest of the world for a moment.

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