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  1. So I assume the last part of the trailer is the death star reckage and palpatine Is a force apparition . My theory is that Rey is another force child like Anakin or a reincarnation of Anakin.

  2. Leading without Leia? Leia was a terrible leader in TLJ, and Holdo was an awful admiral. If anything, Luke had far more leadership experience but shhh, he's male.

  3. Anyone else think the title is kind of lame? I feel like all the other titles like ROTS or TPM all imply who theyโ€™re referring to without mentioning by name.

  4. Not gonna lie Poe is the only new character Iโ€™m interested in. Finn and Rey has potential but TLJ ruined it for me. Please donโ€™t fail me Poe.

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