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  1. If Huawei is using AOSP then, they still can partner up with APK developers like APK Mirror, XDA developers, Android 1, Adropalace, Aptoid, AIO Downloader, etc…

  2. What i think is that apple saw danger coming its way and apple has moneeyyyyyy so they made some kind of deal with the gov.(Donald the DUCK trump} so they could eliminate their comepetition

  3. Sad to read so many dumb comments that root for Huawei. So dumb that don't even check the background of Huawei. Already So many countries government had security concerns about this firm.

  4. Why can't they develop on Android, as Google is moving to a new kernel source, they are calling fuchsia os, why can't huawei use Android as an open source and update on their own

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