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  1. This open world style is exactly what DBZ needed to not just be one of the best DBZ games but one of the best games among all others , hope its really fun and has a ton of content! i can't wait!

  2. The cutscenes should be interactive especially for finishing opponents. Spirit Bombs, Beam struggles, special beam cannon, and every decisive attack to the villain should have all been interactive.

  3. If I were to guess solely from the developer. This games dlc with probably be the Z movies. I think they’ll probably save GT and super for other installments. But hey if we get everything in this one game (I highly doubt it) then this game will be epic

  4. Damn IGN, first the Devil May Cry 5 videos, then the Samurai Shodown review, and then these DBZ Kakarot videos, you've actually been releasing really decent videos, and you know what you're talking about most of the time. GG

  5. Personally I still wait for a more serious higher detailed open world dbz game. I enjoy watching the anime but game wise I would like a rockstar version (with no micro transactions) make your own character different paths based on decisions planet exploration better camera angles 1st n 3rd. Previous games touch on this but not in the way rockstar could understandably the franchise not being American I guess. You have hardcore fans who want the game exactly like the anime then people like me who want more from it like an expansion of sorts without losing the core principles

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