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  1. Are there any parts where you actually control a character, or is the whole thing just dialog choice? No exploration of any kind?

  2. When the director told you cutscenes were supposed to be a certain length or you’re fired, so you insert slow responses,fillers, and loading screens.

  3. This doesn't seem like it's keep a stable fps, it's kind of fluctuate between scenes. Hope there is a fix, otherwise not too sure, I did like Until Dawn.

  4. Don't know if it was just a poorly put together video or what but that seemed massively disjointed. I liked Until Dawn so I'm hoping this is just a one off video and not how it actually plays.

  5. Hope this was just ign's editing cause it does feel like a bunch of random 10 second set pieces pushed together in coherently… the voices overs also seem a bit toss they sound too casual for what happening on screen… everything is great just weird…

  6. The dialogue is so awkward. It comes to like an awkward silence pause. They better make it flow better or idk how I’ll feel

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