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  1. How pathetic are you IGN that you don’t even show off everything by not building the ship? You should have just built it or not even posted this video. You are a joke of a company that no real gamer respects at all.

  2. When I saw the back of the box I thought "Hey, it sounds at the oppening, so cool !", collector not so bad finally ?. But no. ?

  3. Is this loot chest even based on an in game loot chest? Doesn’t look like it but then I don’t know if I’ve seen all chests in game yet. The pic of it all before had an in game style loot chest. This looks nothing like it. I do already have the og bl2 loot chest tho.

  4. GAME in the uk sold out so quick, then I checked back last week and they suddenly restocked a bunch more so I managed to pre order one before they sold out again

  5. My Account > My Orders > "No Orders Shown". Even on an order for something else I placed today. I even typed in both order numbers for both items separately, and I'm getting the same message. GameStop trying to stop people from canceling items?

  6. Eh, glad I didn't get it, looks kinda underwhelming

    Figures aren't colored,
    Chest looks bland compared to borderlands 2 one,
    Ship looks cool and I like modeling kits,
    Kinda sick of art stuff too

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