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  1. Is this game going to respawn all the enemies that I just killed 5 mins ago just like wildlands? That really made me mad. Why couldn't the rebels take over a base after I got finished killing everyone there?

  2. I don’t understand what people want from this game . I mean it is a sequel to Wildlands, you free roam and shoot people collect weapons , stab throats in the dark it’s all there . Like what els do people want from a shooter like this?

  3. Still needs more mechanics like shooting off bikes or supporting 2 people on the bike and rappelling/ grappling hooks for hard to reach areas and more ways to infiltrate enemy territories.

  4. "Laughably bad" story sounds about right. Also the villain (in all the footage I've seen so far, especially the flashbacks) looks so over the top pretentious somebody should slap him.

    Sigh, I wish they'd remake Ghost Recon classic, just give us a pure military sim without all these modern (melo)dramatic bells and whistles.

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