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  1. i was killing some npc then taking all the stuff used mysticism teleport to the marked place i marked beforehand then drop everything i stole then telelort to nearest temple then fort or just fort and sit my time then i teleport back to the marked hideout and i got lots of stuff to sell…lol always did that too…my wacky character was a mage with two handed axes and some armor at times…it was a sight to ser

  2. I noticed you had nuclear strike, i used to play that on my dad ps2 all the time when I was really little. The intro freaked me out a bit but I remember getting different vehicles and blowing up bridges. Kinda cool to see one of my favorite childhood games I forgot about for a while

  3. I wish I still had my collectors edition set. I still have the artwork book, map, discs that don't work because I was in middle school and didn't take care of them. Bought 2 more copies when my expansion discs stopped working then bought 2 more copies of the game of the year edition for xbox because the discs got corrupted. I even have a whole binder printed out of the "Morrowind Mod Maker's Bible" by Nether Void.

  4. Its funny, because for me there was nothing before elderscrolls Oblivion. I just started to game on PC and figured elder scrolls III and alike should be ignored for having bad graphics. i was a graphic whore to begin with since my first game was Final Fantasy 9, after playing that beautifull game i never wanted to play anything with bad graphics. Not even tryd to play minecraft untill today :0

  5. Damn. Everytime you open a video, I can't help but notice the shelves all full of games! There must be tens of thousands of dollars in games! I'm SURE there are some very valuable and rare finds in your collection. Have you played all of those?! And, are there reviews for all of the older games? Time is money too and I can't begin to imagine the amount of time spent playing these games.

  6. As much time as my brother and I spent playing this game, it is still way less than the time we spent in the construction kit, building our own stuff, making our own armors, npc's, quests and so on. There has yet to be a game to come out since that can even come close to what this game offered to it's players through the shear versatility of it's game play and the construction kit. I still occasionally hear my brother playing it when I give him a phone call. Then they made Oblivion and killed it for me entirely. I laughed at all the videos ragging on Skyrim and then their relaunch of HD. Still get a chuckle at that occasionally.

  7. For all who read my comment (including LGR himself) – try OpenMW project. It's a modern implementation of Morrowind engine:
    * Less bugs
    * Better support for modern systems
    * Better UI
    * Better AI
    * Even better graphics
    P. S. He mentioned it! I kinda forgot that! 🙂

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