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  1. Why not innovate come man that attitude is why they keep charging the consumer 60-100 bucks for a roaster update they could add so much more to a game hold L2 control left arm type of innovation

  2. First thing love Orlando Magic shirt. I agree with you on the ratings of the this game. The game still has potential but the bigs and mircotransactions is frustrating

  3. And this is why I pre-ordered WWE 2K20 cause while yes it has annoying micro-transactions an loot boxes that I wish would leave the series at least it doesn't have actual gambling in it. Which is more then I can say for NBA 2K20 or as many gamers including me call it Casino Simulator 2K20.

  4. The mycareer story is the LeBroncareer story. It’s just another broken up and non-interactive story. It’s hardly ambitious, and what you do, has nothing to do with what you do on court.

  5. It's a shame they only allow you out of the office once a year!.2k is not a game for me….but great review bud.Kudos to you bruv.Keep up the good work and see you in 12 months lol

  6. All yearly release games should be judged solely on what more they offer and what they do better compared to last year's release.
    Every positive you mentioned is pretty much in NBA 2K games for the last 5 years, with barely any improvements.
    The negatives this year are SOOO bad and so big that the game has received immense (justifiable) backlash to the point where even the hardcore fans are starting to hate it.
    I feel like this year's release is 0.5 step forward and 20 steps back, so I will not buy the game (at least until they update and fix a lot of the problems/gambling stuff and the price drops A LOT) to vote with my wallet against this franchise going down the drain…

  7. So, is it still 3 years and above? Remember when pokemon was rated for teens because of simulated gambling and you cant even use real money.

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