Street Racers TAKEOVER California Highways!


Hope You Guys Enjoy The Daily Uploads!
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  1. Wow this guy has t be one of the worst click bait youtubers. He uses an thumbnail from an old video to promote his "takeover" Again with the manditory 10 minute video to maximize revenue. If he cared about content they would be longer. He is just using you guys for cash grabs so he can buy another car to mess up.

  2. Any opinions ? So today I got rear ended while in the car (it was a women). I got her insurance and ID but she told me to not call the insurance or police, that she’d rather pay for the damage herself. The damage isn’t too bad, nothing but a bit of paint chips and scratches. Should I settle a price with her to repair for the paint/color match of the car. Or get insurance involved since I’m sure she didn’t have a drivers license and I’m a minor and feeling a bit of neck pain.

  3. Bro this is giving us real car enthusiasts a bad rep domt get me wrong i love racing and 2step and burnouts just as much as u guys but theres times and places go out to some where less populated area

  4. I love and hate watching so much, I love all the amazing cars and their mods and all the fun, but Im stuck with a fully stock 4 banger Mazda 3 Sport Sedan….and I don't have much funds for car mods if any can even go on the car. Im thinking about blacking out the tires and finding a spoiler for it

  5. Honestly I’ve been along time away from this channel, didn’t unsubscribe or anything, it’s just I can’t afford most of these cars atm, and it makes me so jealous cause I wanna do this stuff like now but I can’t. It’s so frustrating

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