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  1. Wouldn’t it be worrying if the latest iPhone wasn’t the best. The minimum expectation of the latest model should be that it’s an improvement from the previous models (unless it’s deliberately a slight downgrade with a large price drop)

  2. I’m writing this in my iPhone XS Max and sick of Apple. I’m going back over to Samsung. Apple is over priced and is that same damn phone every year it feels like. Not worth over 1k by far. Can’t even split screen multitask on this crap.

  3. I didnt understand the claiming of this video if u gonna release a new phone is not suposse do better than the otters is supposed to be an actual surprise for the consumer to buying a new phone and expect that its better than the old one

  4. Will the "new iphone 11" be the best iphone ever? – 2019
    Will the "new iphone 12 be the best iphone ever? – 2021
    Its the newest model if its not the best version to date then there's a problem.

  5. I most certainly think it can! I like that they made it cheaper than the Xr ?? I’m definitely considering my MANY options, haven’t even touched the 2017 iPhone X …

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