The Amazing Niagara Falls in VR180! – 3D Virtual Reality Experience

Enjoy the stunning views of the Niagara Falls in Virtual Reality!. This video was filmed in VR180, to get the full experience use your Google Cardboard or VR …


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About the Author: Balu - Relaxing Nature in 4K


  1. In April of 2019 we were selected to be part of the "VR CREATOR LAB" in LA, California. YouTube gave us an awesome 3D VR180 camera and training on how to create virtual reality videos. This video was filmed in VR180 with spatial sound, to get the full 3D experience use a Google Cardboard or VR Headset to get fully immersed into the video! You will feel like you are in front of the waterfalls!. If you don't have a headset you can still move your mobile phone around and see the full 180 experience!. We will create more VR versions of our regular 4K videos, the original 4K Niagara Falls video can be found here ?Enjoy!

  2. Thanks, fantastic lovely n peaceful ambience. Sounds good n light, best soothing music tune. So incredibly n intensely beautiful piece for all! Peace and calm the mind n heart. Infinite love!??

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