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  1. Okay from all the reviews I've seen. 90+ hz displays still have some ways to go to be best in class. So I'm happy that Samsung and others are waiting to put them on their flagships. Dedicated gaming phones fine

  2. Thanks for reviewing this, dude. I've been waiting for this phone forever and can't wait. I'm glad it's getting more exposure because of you!

  3. I always liked ASUS phones. When the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was released, i purchased one. Though one year later my phone got stolen. So i looked around to find a phone that was comparible to the NOTE 3, spec wise. The Note 3 was the first Snapdragon 800 phone with 3GB's of ram and the Adreno 330 GPU was faster than nVIDIA's Tegra 4 and Tegra Sheild GPU. So i came across the ASUS Zenphone 2. It has a 2.3GHz Intel Atom SOC equally as fast, as the SD800 and the PowerVR G4560 was also on par with the Adreno 330. Though i only paid $200 for the Zenphone 2 when a year earlier, i paid over $600 for the Note 3.
    ASUS is actually a huge company. They are larger than AMD's CPU and GPU devision along with ASRock's entire motherboard manufacturing plant put together.

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