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  1. As is Biowares new policy. Make incomplete games. Scratch your head as to why things are going wrong, and then cancel everything you've promised.

  2. BioWare and Ea should give players refund’s for anthems empty promises, like at this point we want our money back not we could careless about the game being fixed after they’ve canceled the plans twice already.

  3. I would have probably started playing Anthem soon(I have had it since it came out, but never got around to actually playing it)if it was not for my Internet getting turned off for a while next month. I might see you fellow players when I am back online.

  4. Between the Battlefront 2 debacle (which has now been corrected- it is a great game!) and this, I wonder if the suits at EA are learning any lessons…

  5. Oh gosh, I pre ordered Anthem ages ago. Only got 10 hours in. If you can give me a reason to come back for another 10 hours, I'll be happy to cut my losses.

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