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  1. Thank you for being balanced and a little humble. It takes a lot to admit they could take a better way and then take it. Regards and respect. Richard Page

  2. watchung this on my pocofone f1 and you know i personally don't like the apple iphones because they just don't provide the services for the price we are buying it for… i am kind of person who wants a product which is worth its price… most of the people in my class are all about apple and i am like okay but whenever i see someone bullying other because of any reason i just try to open their mindset make them more mature and believe me i have faced this apple bullying nonsense in the past… and i was always like what a drag??… and in my whole life i have only once put my sim card on an apple iphone and that's because it was in my bag as i had to get it glass replace and my phone battery died… that's it from me

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