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  1. Not sure if I missed it but Google removed the wide angle ffc from the Pixel 3 XL. Also, they removed any Google Photos Full Resolution backup bundle. Pixel is no longer a premium experience like they announced 3 years ago.

  2. God, can Google please hire some designers for their phone designs? First was the big ass notch, now this unsymmetrical chin & forehead? I don't mind the forehead,or chin, but at least make them the same size. Why are the Pixel phones always look like they're designs from 2 years ago? Hell, even the Galaxy S8 that has both a chin and forehead look better than this.

  3. I gotta say I feel sorry for the Pixel fans out there this phone does note please my Eyes at all but that is me but still it feels like Google thinks they can do more with less… Yes they can do that with cameras in phones the Pixels have been the phone camera champs for years with only one camera but they have also been the performence loosers. Well that is only what this bloke have heard and I just wanna say I do not hate on Pixel phones.

  4. Hear me out; what about the dual cameras being wide angle and telephoto? Why have the in between focal length? That might be the best of both worlds without having three cameras, which feels like too many.

  5. So after all these years Google tried to implement Samsung air gestures to control the phone and fell flat. Sad but not a big deal maker since I'm done with Samsung gestures.

  6. I mean it took the iPhone 11 camera upgrade to beat the Pixel 2, 3, or 3a so… Yeah. I'm all about a telephoto lens personally. You can "fake" an ultra-wide with panorama mode. You can't fake 2x optical zoom with higher megapixels than the standard shooter. Did you see that bridge demo??? Wowza! For $800 this thing is absolutely going to be in a case, so the back texture means nothing to me.

  7. I've been hyped bout this phone for months, but there's no ultra wide, no 4K video at 60FPS, Snapdragon 855 instead of 855+, small battery, and 6GB of RAM when most other smartphones are using 8GB. I think it'd be wise to purchased a used phone for now and wait for Pixel 5.

  8. Im my old Jiayu S3 i have gesture sensing which can change songs and few others things and it works like 50% accuracy, based only on front camera. So Google done a really nad job with this.

  9. All they needed to do was up the specs on the camera, cpu and screen. The pixel 2 and 3 are amazing phones. That were intuative to use. But Google had to screw it up and take away the finger print scanner and add the "air gesture" gimmick that was considered a gimmick back in 2012. Sadly, I definetly won't be buying this model but on the upside the pixel 3 is cheaper now.

  10. Google pixel is the phone that you're eager to buy, but there something that Google mess it up real bad so you thinking twice to buy it or not

  11. the only nice thing is they Kept the Flat Screen!!! the rest looks trash, chin everywhere, trash apple camera layout, goofy ass design!! and probably will cost premius

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