Trying NES games in Virtual Reality – Mike Matei Live

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  1. it Looks Like That your Brain Went to SHIT if you Dont Know Where the Magic Flute is on Super Mario Brothers 3'
    and Some of the Game ROMS are Very Hard to Find' and Even if you do Find Them' Some of the Files are FUCKED…

  2. VR nes or etc is a great concept to re imagining classic gaming. I feel its currently missing something. Like an option for definitive auto angle pannng when different stages changes.

  3. Emulators for me anyways, have kinda ruined things. I have hard copies of many many old games. But now I have several sticks for the PlayStation classic allowing me to play every single nes genesis and snes etc game and I find myself sampling all the time . Not really playing

  4. Mike, I highly recommend trying a VR game called Pistol Whip on Steam. It's an on-rails FPS where you try to shoot enemies to the beat of the music, while dodging bullets and you can dual-wield too. It has 12 tracks and 3 difficulties. It's the most fun I've had with VR.

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