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  1. Lew… Buddy… What are you doing? I like the look of the product but not this video format. Go back. I wanna see you unbox it and the old audio quality again. I wanna get those reactions and multiple camera angles again. I wanna see you actually try the thing out with a PC and a MacBook pro while connecting a display!! What the heck man this is so extremely lackluster and unsatisfactory. We love you, come back.

  2. You know, it's a shame that you've ditched your old content for what seems like a cash grab. You don't care about your fanbase anymore, you're just another YouTuber who only cares about money from sponsors.

  3. What made you unique was your personality and the production style, along with your crew. Why would you get rid of every unique aspect you have all at once? With a channel with as large and loyal of a following as this one, experimentation as drastic as this should be reserved for another channel altogether if you feel the need to scratch that creative itch.

  4. It feels like im just watching for the product now, whereas before I would watch to see lew and his reaction. There's no point watchin this format unless you are actually going to buy the product.

  5. I don't like that you didn't do much of a sound test or didn'T connect it to a computer. Also, I'm guessing you would have to have a Thunderbolt 3 port to provide enough power for all those ports

  6. No offence but like i could go to any other channel if you're going to present like this. I personally come here for the entertainment that comes along with the presentation. This format is kind of bland and typical. Not what i subscribed for.

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