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  1. Meh I’ve been watching videos on this game for a while me being a FE fan but for me this game is kinda eww so I don’t know I might just get a 3ds and pick up awaking and fates

  2. Fair review and score. I think a lot of people are basing their opinions on just the story segment of the dlc and ignoring a lot of the other things that are added to the main game. Additionally, while the story is bad in the dlc the same can't be said for the battles. Yes, the dlc is short compared to the main campaign but these 7 missions are IMHO the very best missions in the entire game.

  3. i really disliked the re used animations for all the characters. Somehow pokemon gets criticez for this but fire emblem gets a pass? both series need to improve a lot but pokemon doesnt have the need to do so. (Sadly)

  4. Can someone tell me what the goal in Three Houses is? And what do you spend most of your time doing? I am interested in trying the game but I don’t know if its for me.

  5. to me it wasnt worth it. the story is so shoe horned in and tries hard to connect with what goes on in the main story. which dosent make any sense if they were down bellow this whole time during either of your 3 playthroughs. with a plot twist you could see from pluto. the missions are extremely way to hard even on normal. where never ending waves of units just keep swarming and swarming and swarming. where resources are very scarce. and the maps are just recolored versions of main story maps. so that feels like a ripoff. and doont get me started on the final boss that blows you back and warps away every other turn where hes got like 5 health bars and defences out the wazoo. the only saving grace are the 4 new characters who are really amazing and i fell in love with them right from the get go. i feel like buying the expansion pass for the new missions and anna is worth getting where the ashen wolves is just some added bonus that is just there because you wouldnt buy it by itself otherwise. than actually buy the new dlc alone.

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