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  1. Earlier:
    Phonesoap products exists.
    Lew: Who will buy these stuff? It is of no use in today era
    Now: Lew recommend to everyone to use it to stop the virus, bacteria on your phone.

  2. Yes corono virus spreads through smartphone who has fear dying for the mistakes they have done in the past??????????

  3. Why do i keep seeing your videos and then i see them later with another thumbnail or another title? I saw this video before with the word coronavirus in it but now it says something about an cool gadget.

  4. I remember trying these kind of thing in an LG repair center in my country. They had those “clean your phone while waiting for repair”. I think its around 2011. In the days before android and 3G barely exists its pretty bizzare to think about something like this.

  5. I’m really missing the old form of the show the new form is to random and unorganized and you are not trying in serious way to present a good content??

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