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  1. I think you all miss the point of this arc. This arc is not really about character development. Keep in mind there were 52 more planned episodes which lucasfilm has scrapped and not green lighted. This was meant to bring back a character fans love and show rex’s development. Some episodes don’t allow for the biggest character development moments. I think people forget that in lieu of the original more story packed arcs this season and season 8 was going to contain that the bad batch arc is supposed to just be a fun way to start off the season. It’s not exactly meant to be super deep and provocative, but rather a fun adventure to kick off the rest of the season’s story. The same way any episodic adventure is supposed to kick off and grab the audience’s attention. I also cannot stress this enough, this arc is about Rex and Rex alone. Echo (while not the best writing) is left to being the plot device for this arc. While writers should do their best to keep their characters from being nullified to this position it does point to that the arc’s focus is Rex and to be honest this is a different position for us to ever see this character in.

  2. Damn this currently has more dislikes than likes, nice job ign. 😂😂. But really the views on this did just seem out of touch, y’all be reaching.

  3. Does anyone else think the visuals in S7 look really washed out or soft compared the previous seasons? Really bothers me

  4. You mispronounced Poltecs multiple times, when they say it multiple times through the arc. It seems you didn't even actually watch the episode with more than a bit of your seemingly frail attention span. How are we supposed to trust your reviews when you can't even pronounce words that are said multiple times on screen?

  5. I mean IGN is kinda right here for once. Echo shrugged of his frozen slavery thing in less than 10 minutes and an entire civilization got dragged into fighting against the bad guys where they just left them without offering Republic support after the skirmish.

  6. 6/10 WTF that is too low, in my opinion I think the last 3 episodes was great since I haven't watch clone wars for 6 years I think it's perfect for the fans

  7. IGN..again reviewing stuff they shouldn't please stick to Video games, I didn't subscribe for movie and show reviews.

  8. I thought that cartoon show was already over? And certainly they wouldn’t be reviewing an episode from 10 years ago? What’s going on here explain this video review to me

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