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  1. Talk about not accounting for taste. I'm such a Spawn fantastic I have two tattoos but I really don't like his moves.
    Using a living cape as a weapon "works" in a comic. Because it leaves so much to the imagination but seeing it in action is less intimating than a Nerf gun and his chains are so thin and spendly they're not much better and if you have to explain what's going on with a move: "it gets in their head and makes your opponent think they're on fire" it's a fail.
    I never, ever thought I'd use the words "Spawn" and "not a fan" in the same sentence.

  2. Netherrealm should make a fighting game with all the film horror icons!! Kinda like terrordrome with better graphics and finishing kills on consoles

  3. The mk11 ign character reviews are pathetic, why are they reviewing them and only them? Why aren't they reviewing the dlc characters from smash? I sometimes feel like they don't know what the hell are they talking about, actually come to think of it why are fighting game YouTubers even reviewing the fighting mechanics at all? Whatever happened to just having fun and all that and not reviewing the combos and sh*t?

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