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  1. Seriously apple…just ship the future iPads with MacOS instead of fucking iOS(iPad OS). Current iPads deserve better software running on such powerful mobile hardware

  2. I think it’s a tablet, and what people like about the iPad is that it’s not a MacBook. If they got macOS and put it in the form of a tablet it’d be terrible. If they got iOS and put it in a tablet it (was) useless. The combination of iPadOS, iPad Pro and this new keyboard makes it a perfect middle ground between the simplicity of iOS and the capability and power of macOS. Other company’s tablets are crap for this reason, they either put android in a tablet, which is unprofessional and cheap. Or they put windows in a tablet which takes a normally good OS but makes it touch capable. Windows is designed to be used with a keyboard and mouse not your fingers.

  3. iPad might be the future of computing but were not quite there, Apple tries to push the issue by just denying reality (ie Macbook ports…), the reality they’re denying here is that you can get a powerful STILL portable machine for far less money.

  4. I would rather a $1200 surface pro x than this becouse you can run basically anything you would on a computer and if you want download bluestacks or some other android emulator to use android.

  5. One question that I have which will only be answered once it’s released, as did they fix the pending issue that the first one had. I really like the design even thought it was really poor of them not to reinforce that enough to withstand even coming out of the box not bend LOL

  6. Base model in India starts at ₹68000 and that has 64gb storage so i looked for the one with 128 or 256gb storage and guess wat it doesn't exist the next model is 512gb and cost ₹1,20,000 and guess wat i can buy a unfurnished house for that money

  7. It does look top heavy, however the center of gravity looks to be shifted forward. Looks intriguing design wise, but it's an apple product; overpriced, overhyped, overly uninterested. I like the design though. Apple has that on lock.

  8. See…you sit down and review..immediately it's way way better..the lights are good, the focus is good, the content is more focused, very little distraction and much much soothing to watch. Didnt give me nausea. Please switch back to this kind of setup.

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