DEERC D20 720P HD Camera Drone – Flight Review

DEERC D20 720P HD Camera Drone - Flight Review

Quick Flight Review of the DEERC D20 720p HD Camera Drone. Looks like a good one! Let’s check it out!! Thanks for watching Please Subscribe!! Check out …


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  1. Video fps is extremely horrible, it only saves any 'photos or videos' when you connect to the wifi via app and then 'activate' said recording functions on your phone, using the remote to do so does nothing but play a beep.

  2. I got one and while i didn't test it when it's fully charges, it drifts, a TON, even when trying to use trim to compensate and testing indoors, it just outright drifts extremely fast in a chosen direction and when you trim it, it ends up drifting in the direction you set it to…

    I think it doesn't have a function to hover in place without moving much.

  3. Just purchased this drone myself im unsure as to why my controller beeps twice every 3 seconds perhaps my batteries? However they're new batteries? Any advice?

  4. I bought this today and I ll get it tomorrow Hope I like it if not I ll
    Return it and get an expensive one

  5. Ordered this for my son this week just trying to figure out how to get steady control of it lol keep flying into things that’s what brought me here to see how to use it properly

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