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  1. Hitman 3 is the final game in the World of Assassination trilogy and it ends perfectly.

    If you own Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 and now with Hitman 3, you should have the ultimate sandbox Hitman experience

  2. Remember guys, these are the same people who take off points for indie games being too similar but always praising big ones for being similar. Bias is real here, don't get too excited.

  3. IO Interactive should give us players a map creator. Imagine the number of custom levels, not to mention remakes of the levels in older Hitman titles.

  4. Crazy how far IGN has come. A few years back, the audience was ripping them, but IGN listened and adjusted. Well done. WB could take some lessons.

  5. Left a bad taste in my mouth the mechanics are great but they out little to no effort in the story or the mission areas my opinion this game was a huge letdown

  6. Finished hitman 1,2 and 3 just there and I'm gonna be honest…. These games ain't that amazing tbh maybe because I don't feel like replaying the same level again and again but even then they have never been worth full price for about 6 hours of gameplay max if you don't wonna play the same levels doing things a bit different.. Also I think hitman 2 was the best outta the 3 tbh

  7. the vr is broken and unpolished, don’t get me wrong i love the game but they really should’ve spent a little more time working the kinks out before they released hitman vr

  8. Waited all year for this game to arrive big fan of the game but what a big disappointment the game is absolutely rubbish worst hit man yet

  9. At first only having 3 mission stories per stage made it seem like it was much more limited, but honestly it just made those mission stories seem so much more focused than before.

  10. Спасибо за рекламу, игра очень крутая. Но я пока её не куплю, так как русских субтитров не завезли ((
    Дорогие издатели/разработчики Вам что жалко 10.000$ из EGS выделить на русские субтитры!
    А так RDR 2 я купил и даже по скидке купил Ghost Recon Breakpoint.
    А вот Эксклюзив Хитнема не куплю!
    Не Жлобитесь, больше на рекламу потратили чем русский язык.

  11. Can't take IGN serious after the whole Cyber Punk thing. And I liked Cyber Punk 2077, but they definitely cashed a CDPR check on that one js.

  12. This is really a hitman 2 DLC, theyve even kept all the rugged british voice lines for the guard NPCs… and when I say all the voice lines, I mean the one same guy who voices all the guards in the ioi hitman series. Apart from the guy who voices guards in Mumbai which credit where it's due, does not whitewash.

  13. I always wanted to play Hitman. But, there was always some other game I was obsessed over when considering a purchase. Now, I have Hitman 1, 2, and 3 all within the one interface. I only play this series of games now and it will only share time with Horizon: Forbidden West (Horizon 2).

  14. I salivate at the thought of them one day turning these games into a proper co-op experience. Not simply those silly sniper levels. The whole game!

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