Become Spider-Man In Virtual Reality

Become Spider-Man In Virtual Reality

I swing through the city of New York and fight a giant robot in the Spider-Man Far From Home Virtual Reality Experience. This Spider-Man VR experience is the …


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  1. There needs to be a modding community behind this. Imagine how cool it would be to have custom suits, shaders, powers, models, bosses, etc. I'm not expecting one but it would be cool.

  2. so i was commented in the valve index unboxing vid.ive been saving up for the valve index. in the unboxing vid u used revive. i downloaded it to test it. it worked! i was playin beat saber. the only thing was that i felt no vibration in my touch controllers and the smoothness… it was terrible. i Tried to open echo vr and it opened but i couldn't see the game. i heard it and it was on my desktop but nothing on my oculus. could it be bec im on oculus. or just a slight setting that i can adjust. I know this is nothing about the vid even tho the gameplay was great… u probably have the most experience with vr so i hope u can help me… Thank u sooo mcuh

  3. I have a question.
    I want to buy a oculus quest, when I'm in America. Will there then be any issues, if I'm back in Germany, when I want to download any games?

  4. Virtual Reality Oasis, I have a question for you.
    Do you think Valve Index is a must buy now, or should we wait for eye tracking vr? Or is eye tracking so far into the future that it is not worth the wait if you want PC VR now?

  5. Mike I have a question, is the valve index worth the money to buy a new pc and the headset itself or should I keep with my pc and oculus rift

  6. Sounds sick inducing. When I get vr sickness it stays with me until next day, and sometimes a bit more. Always hits me when I least expect it, like 5 min of playing hellblade

  7. These mechanics (Ok, maybe a bit more fleshed out, so the physics are a bit faster) and then the manhattan rendition from the ps4 game. They could release that with absolutely no content other than the swinging mechanic and I'd pay good money for it

  8. I would forgive all the graphics stuff if the actual swinging didnt feel so off. Instead of actual swinging you just get pulled by ghe web in the direction you shot it. Also the webshot buttons are just the triggers

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