Grenfell: Our Home – watch the full virtual reality documentary

Grenfell: Our Home - watch the full virtual reality documentary

Watch the full virtual reality Grenfell Tower documentary about people’s lives, their homes and the community that existed before the fire on 14th June 2017.


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About the Author: Channel 4 News


  1. Greenfell= greenleaf and its in Alaska, city of whittier. But vr is in whittier los Angeles on greenleaf Ave. When driving its cross street 2 blocks towards hill into tunnel that stretches 1 mile along top to inland portion that connects to main entrance. If using other entrences , scanner will not be set to bensynced with city grid for easy routebdesign as it reafs you as a vip.

  2. What a sincere and uplifting animation and a creative tribute to a building that was loved by those who lived in it, and to those who tragically died in it, RIP dear Grenfell dwellers.

  3. Fucksake! It was 5yrs ago they're dead get over it, put it to bed and move on! Wouldn't be still hearing about it if was all white people who'd died!

  4. Although this was the most horrible tragedy one could ever experience, I've found the personal stories so heartwarming….
    God bless all those who survived to find some healing, and to those who lost their lives I wish them Peace in the afterlife.
    None of what unfolded that night will be in vain, I promise you!

  5. Never forgotten. I hope one day these amazing people get justice. Just walking through the Lancaster West Estate you meet some of the most beautiful, strong and inspiring people and can see what a nice community it would of been to live in. I pray for the gomes family and their beautiful baby ❤️❤️

  6. Wow this was really beautiful. And I loved the graphics of this.
    Love London so much, greatest city on earth thats why so many people are – literally – dying to live here ?

  7. Terrible tragedy – never again we pray. BTW Like so much in this documentary about diversity. Why not include me – it just seems so strange to exclude a certain segment of the population.

  8. Grenfell tower should have been ran as a worker co-op. The building should have been given to the people who live in it, to decide as a community, what rents to charge and what to do with the money. At just £400 per month per flat, Grenfell would have raised £48,000 a month. I dare say if it were an occupant owned co-operative they would have chosen to install sprinklers before flammable cladding.

    Instead, the block was given to a housing association, a top down capitalist structured 4 profit mostly privatised organisation that makes decisions based on maximising profit, with as little input of residents as possible.

    Capitalism is the problem, Democracy is the solution.

  9. When they were built, they were seen as cities in the sky. Today, the only high rises that get built are for the wealthy, the old blocks that mostly house the poor, get wrapped in plastic to please the eyes of the wealthy.

  10. social cleansing: to divide the poor in the richest area of London, UK and Europe. LFB found 42 people in one room, the death toll is not 71…its way over 400+ and it was not an accident (deliberate manslaughter).

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