MicroSD Cards Explained | Drones, Cameras, Smartphones

MicroSD Cards Explained | Drones, Cameras, Smartphones

Let me show you which MicroSD card to choose for your drone, camera or smartphone. All abbrevations and specifications explained. You find a list of the best …


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  1. Other videos erroneously state that SD HC is “up to 4GB max file size” only. Good thing I came across this. Thanks for the accuracy. I read later (just to verify) that SD HC supports up to 32GB max for a single file, which is a relief for me. Cheers. ?

  2. That was really informative and handy.
    About the only thing I wanted to know that you didn't address here was A1 and A2, but that might not have been a thing when you did this video. It's a couple years old now.
    But still, thanks a lot for the info!
    This will help tremendously with picking a good card to use with my new gopro!

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