Omni One Prototype

Omni One Prototype

Walk and run around inside your favorite games! Interested in learning more? Visit


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  1. People are talking about stuff like Battlefield, what about Portal/P2, TES or Fallout-verse (assuming the modding community can fix whatever Bugthesda craps out, lol), WoW, literally any zombie/survival-genre game (7Days2Die anyone?), FNaF-series, Silent Hill, etc, etc, etc?!

  2. everytime i watch this video i just get super excited because this is so close to ready player one. but they keep disappointing me… not a lot of updates and by the looks of it with the recent videos it doesn’t look like this anymore?

  3. You can play all the epic music in the world. It won't change the fact that anyone using this will absolutely look like a dumbass…. I still want one, but that dude looks goofy as hell.

  4. This needs to be compatible with current vr devices as well, including steam. Yes, consumers can go for the 2k$ price tag but theres no need to buy a new headpiece if the consumer has already gone for the index or one of the new ones coming out. I know I won’t be able to afford the omni one for a long while.

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