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  1. it’s funny bc a lot of ppl didn’t like this game but loved halo 3 and reach and this is in my top 3 for me
    1. halo reach
    2. halo 3
    3. halo 4
    i loved this game so much personally and don’t understand the hate for it honestly

  2. A lot of people complaining about the score. I'm thinking back to Halo 4 and remembering how surprisingly awesome it was. Here's hoping Halo Infinite is more Halo 4 rather than Halo 5.

  3. While halo 4 is great, its not the best halo. That for me is 3. 4 had gameplay issues so that brought it down. Story however is awesome, music is nice, atmosphere is great, level design for some parts need some fixing, the artstyle is pretty ok

  4. I never got into halo, as I was baby when they were out and I didn't care for the gameplay when I was younger, I was more into cod and stuff. But I recently started playing halo 4 and reach and I love it on xbox

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