HP Reverb G2 Is HERE

HP Reverb G2 Is HERE

The HP Reverb G2 is finally shipping out to those who initially pre-ordered the headset. The HP Reverb G2 is a PC VR Windows Mixed Reality headset which …


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  1. To clarify a couple of points;

    I’ve since found out that HP changed the design and the headset cannot be powered by USB C alone regardless of your computers power delivery.

    Some have pointed out my green screen area may be the cause of the tracking issues but I had my back to the wall and this isn’t a problem with other headsets.

    I stand by my comment about the FOV. It might be bigger on paper but in my side by side testing, Q2 using a VR Cover set brings the lenses closer to my eyes which results in slightly wider FOV. Let’s hope VR Cover make some kits for the G2 in the future []-)

  2. To be honest I would recommend buying this, if you are new to VR like myself it's really confusing at first. All the games in the lobby were boring and I didn't know about steam VR. This helped a lot thanks 😊

  3. So Facebook just prevented me from ever making new accounts for no reason. I'm looking for a new headset for a budget. Are the headsets better than the Quest?

  4. I’ve never played with VR in my life and i know a lot about it and one day my dad randomly got us the HP reverb g2. I was smiling for the rest of the day

  5. My question is. Can you play wirelessly and watch YouTube VR videos? Is it full VR or a mixed headset or both? If so I might get this for my HP Pavilion gaming PC that's got a i7 10700F and GTX 1660 Super. Does it support body tracking? BigScreen beta would be decent I bet. Question is. Is it better than the Elite Cosmos? And can you wear glasses? And use your own headphones? I just won a Zenith VR key so I'm hoping I can get the headset.

  6. i find it very uncomfortable and very blurry. head hurts after 5 mins of wearing it and my eyes hurt cause its very hard to get a good focus in it. i could wear the rift CV1 and S for 12 hrs straight without a break.

    Took me all day to set it up. only took me 5 mins to setup the rift S and CV1. still havnt finished setting it up after 12 hrs of trying to get the blurry vision sorted out as i know it can be very clear once its setup right. but just cant find the right settings for it.

    Ive yet to find the sweetspot cause its way too small.

    Very hard to get it on and off wearing glasses as u cant lift it from the front it has to be taken off from the back which means undoing the top strap. fitting it its front 1st then pull on the back and tighten up the top strap. So u will need to get prescription lens adaptors but they will reduce FOV even more and most likely have to get a thicker face gasket as well reducing FOV even more.

    The front can be lifted up without having to take it off so u can see whats going on in the real world but not if ur wearing glasses as they stop it lifting up.

    Controller tracking is better than the rift S. but it depends on the light in the room. but the controllers r very flimsy and harder to hold than the rift S and CV1.

    U will need some software from microsoft as well as steam VR and OVR advanced to set it up. Its getting the settings right in all 3 of them that takes ages.

    LED lights in the room can effect tracking as it picks them up instead of the controllers if they r brighter than the LED's on the controllers.

  7. this is what i think

    for the people who are competitive vr users I still recommend to buy this headset because of you are a competitive vr user you probably already have htc base stations so you could have the inside out tracking or the base station tracking so it's kind of a portable headset

    a laptop is portable
    if you have a high spec laptop it could run the hp reverb g2
    which makes it a portable vr headset but still with wires

  8. Thank you so much for the great review, I am planning on getting a pc VR for my flight simulator set up with MSFS 2020 and DCS , however, I have zero experience in which VR headset will best for them , I would really apprecite your kind help. Thank you

  9. The only three things that I don't liken in it: 1-Many of my friends including me hate it that in all new VRs there isn't a setting for 70mm. 2- the software 3-the controller 4-the weight of the VR other than that the resolution is wow. I compared it to vive's & the Oculus's

  10. It's such a shame that the controllers and tracking are so bad compared to the headset. I really hope they figure something out and comes out with a better version of the controllers at a later date. I'm holding off my purchase until then

  11. I use HP monitors and let me tell you they have very clear picture quality. I upgraded from an HP Omen to two 25x HP monitors and went from HDMI to DVI and the picture quality is actually so accurate I kind of prefer it when I used HDMI but that will not work for my multiple monitors set up. I wonder If the VR headset is similar, not that I don't think HP makes some good products but I'm just saying cause my monitors are way bright so much so with such accuracy I kind of wish it wasn't so crystal clear.

  12. Currently in April 2021, and even though Oculus Quest 2 is very popular in the VR market, I feel like the $300 to $400 price is not worth it using a Facebook account. I think it is much better to save up more and invest in HP Reverb G2. I am a new VR user so I'll have to see how tracking works out for me. I am very excited for the great visuals and audio! 😀

  13. I’m not gonna lie but I love the design of the G2 but I do not like the controllers it would look so nice with the index controllers

  14. Thank you for the good review, I've been trying to decide. I can't flail my arms around too much so I likely won't be using VR controllers often. I think I might get the g2.

  15. I have a question about vr lens covers. I used to have a rift that ended up getting scratched up a bit from my glasses so I stopped wearing them with it. Now I have a g2 ordered and I am wondering what kind of covers you would recommend for it? I wonder if some of those clear anti scratch watch covers would work well on it? Or would it be better to spend a bit more for some magnetic covers from VRwave?

  16. I wouldn't touch the Oculus with a 39½' pole. Of course, I'm one of those weirdos who's never had a Facebook account (except a couple abortive times—I created an account, never felt enticed to log in, then made sure to actually delete). Plus, I'm more interested in non-game open-source VR development anyway, so absolutely any degree of locking-down of hardware makes the proposition actively the opposite of everything I'd ever want it for.

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