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  1. the whole package, orange box was pretty amazing for sure. borderlands 2 i believe is pretty great, probably the peak for that series.

  2. I stopped halfway through cyberpunk so I could play the ps5 version too! Who knew we'd be waiting this long? Guess we can wait a little longer

  3. This why I love games an how diverse they are….for example I played through both Portals an think there fine…I wouldn't put them in any all time lists personally…but for some it's the greatest thing…so great

  4. I wish you'd consider streaming your coop gameplay whenever you play together. You don't need to converse with the viewers, but just stream your gameplay.

  5. Uncharted 2 for me (2nd favorite game of all time), Pokemon silver (top 5) and portal 2 for me. If super Mario world counts, that's up there for me

  6. Final Fantasy VII is my favorite game of all time but we know all about that debate. Honestly, though, I think Half-Life 2 is the greatest sequel ever. Expanded and improved everything the first game established, from gameplay, story, graphics, etc. It also gave birth to one of my favorite gaming experiences: Garry's Mod.

  7. Uncharted 2 cuz it took a pretty mediocre game from a gameplay standpoint and turned it into something amazing. gears 2 as well although the first gears gameplay was already pretty solid

  8. My top 5 sequels of all time, in no particular order are:
    – Donkey Kong Country 2
    – Batman Arkham City
    – Uncharted 2
    – God of War (2018)
    – Age of Empires 2

  9. Street fighter 2. It was better then the original in all aspects and it popularized the fighting game genre. And most of the basic move set are still use in modern 2D fighting games. The cultural gaming impact of street fighter 2 from the music to iconic characters is also still felt till this day.

  10. It's not even up for discussion. It's DOOM Eternal and by a mile. Not only easy to argue it's the best game ever, period. Let alone sequel, but it also is one of the few to make it's predecessor seem like shit. Everyone liked DOOM 2016 including me. Now it's a bad joke. It's a brain dead version of it's sequel and the sequel does literally everything better.

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