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  1. My Top 5 Problems with 鉄拳Tekken 7 :

    • The story mode that features cutscenes from previous 鉄拳Tekken games that aren't rebooted, and a bland dooshbag for a narrator that no fan asked for.

    • The shortened tournament ladder in Arcade Mode, as well as shortened "Character Episodes" just makes this 鉄拳Tekken sequel watered-down.

    • The game not having enough special guests like Kiryū Kazuma, Solid Snake, Orchid Black, John Wick, Ronda Rousey, Jump Force Character Pass, etc.

    • Instead of a beat 'em up mini-game similar to 鉄拳Tekken Force, The Devil Within, and Scenario Mode; we get nothing, not even a Team Battle Mode.

    • A cheap rehashed DLC version of 鉄拳Tekken Bowl with no online mode.

  2. I've seen people who doesn't know anything about Tekken's story line but at least knows how to play the game. IGN, please hire actual gamers as reviewers and not some journalism rejects.

  3. Netherrealm Studios is the King Of fighting games putting forth an am sizing presentation and compelling story mode. Hence Bandai Namco is Copying their formula.

    Meanwhile Capcom is like EA, ruining their titles at lunch with no content.

  4. Tekken 7 fantastic game in past i play very much the king of fighters 1996-1997_1998-1999-2000-2001-2002-2003-xiii-and the mugen and ultra street fighter 4 and street fighter x Tekken . but Tekken 7 wow Amazing

  5. The game itself is awesome but I feel like he really over praised the customization here. There's really not that much there and it's truly lacking for some characters. If you've played Soul Calibur 4 and 5 or even Tekken 6, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

  6. Oh and adding on my other comment when I learned to effectively use those ultimate moves they really do help define the character you are playing as and are fun.

  7. This and soul calibur are the best fighting games imo based on their 3D movement systems and smooth combat movement!
    With everything games have to offer these days, creating a fighting game where you can only move forward and back is so technically poor!

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