Apple iPad Mini 6 – The Ultimate Portable Gaming Device?

Apple iPad Mini 6 is a much needed refresh to Apple’s iPad lineup. Is the iPad Mini the perfect iPad for mobile gaming? Sponsored by Leia. Lume Pad …


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  1. How is iOS a popular gaming platform? I have yet to find a single game that isnโ€™t a crappy tacky arcade style game.. iPhones and iPads are so damn powerful and can handle 120fps with ease but we donโ€™t have any full game titles, honestly at this point we should have game developers making full style games for iOS that can be used with a controller. Theyโ€™re missing out on the millions and millions of iPhone users, imagine if like a full fledged Call of Duty for example was playable on iPhones and iPads not COD mobile like Vanguard on an iPhone since theyโ€™re powerful enough to handle it. Or a full version of AAA titles. Like everyone has a smartphone now a days I donโ€™t get why we canโ€™t have it be an actual dedicated gaming handheld instead of these crappy mobile versions of games that leave MUCH to be desired.

  2. I really wish Apple had released the iPad Mini before I bought an iPad Air, cuz honestly I think I would have preferred the smaller size. The iPad Air is great though, I do like it a lot, and especially for drawing its nice to have a bigger surface; but it's heavy. :V I feel like the Mini would be a great size for me.

  3. I mean this setup is awesome but the price tag is a bit unreasonable when I can just buy a Nintendo switch lite for $199 and have a nice mobile gaming console.

  4. I used to be a big time fan of unbox therapy.. once upon a time lew vidoes used to be ๐Ÿ”ฅ and was just fun to watch now adays the videos just lacks the fire , the videos are pretty much dull, I guess that's what money does to you when you have more subs and viewership!

  5. Very nice and good tablet, but it has a problem and for me it is quite annoying and it is that it does not have 90 or 120Hz, with that it has been the perfect tablet

  6. This is pretty cool but if I want to game on the go the only real option is the Nintendo switch. If I wanna play Ps5 or XBS Iโ€™ll just play them at home

  7. This or the Samsung S7 FE ?? Lol I think I'ma take the S7 FE, ipad screen looks terrible and lacks the amount of features that the S7 has ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

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