Top 5 Best Bike Locks 2021 #2

Bike locks are most essential bike accessories, because it is used for security and protection for your bike.Top 5 Best Bike Locks 2021 Bike Lock …


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  1. Cable lock? Mah as well not lock your bike. Cable locks can be defeated with 10 dollar cutter.
    Foldalocks? Rivets on the zlock can be quietly defeated with a 7 dollar nut cracker.

  2. The Sentinel – Digital bike alarm is the first line of defense and should be loud enough to scare any thief away and alert nearby people that the bike is being tampered with!! And if that's you, get a picture of the thief, it may help police find him!! Secondly, the locking lever when opening or closing the lever shouldn't be necessary or seen, it also makes it sound cheaply made when used…it needs much more work with it being so big and clunky and with much better steel!!! RATING: it deserves a 6 as is!

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