West Side Story Review

West Side Story Review

West Side Story debuts in theaters on Dec. 10, 2021. Review by Siddhant Adlakha. Not everything works in Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story – how could it, …


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  1. Not wanting to sound to woke, but this is just so tacky as Puerto Rico is has been laid to waste by disaster and has had so little help for America. They still can't even vote like a normal state, despite how many of their people have died for the US as soldiers. UNLESS Spielberg plans to GIVE ALL THE PROFITS of this to help Puerto Rico and/or P.R. Descendants, this IS IN FACT SHAMEFUL Cultural Appropriation and Profiteering.

  2. I’m so confused by the “woke” comments, You realize it’s a story about Puerto Ricans, so there’s going to be Spanish spoken and latino characters.
    What’s your alternative, white actors playing Latino characters?

  3. It really boggles my mind to hear or read from people that this is a remake of the 1961 movie.

    IT IS NOT!!!

    It’s another adaptation of Arthur Laurents Book and the 1957 Broadway stage play. Like Phantom Of The Opera, Les Miserables, Romeo & Juliet, Moulin Rouges, Chicago, Beauty And The Beast, Pinokkio and many other theater musicals and plays (Hamlet, Merchant Of Venice, Henry IV etc) have been adapted on film, in worldwide cinema and TV, countless of times so is WSS.

  4. My literature teacher had us watch the original because we were reading Romeo and Juliet at the time and it is pretty much a knockoff of that story

  5. This review is weird. Assuming everyone knows the original … maybe assume that we haven't so your review isn't a smattering of names that means nothing to anyone who is unfamiliar with the source material.

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