Black Ops 2 Review – IGN Reviews

Black Ops 2 Review - IGN Reviews

Head to IGNGameplay for our full campaign walkthrough The biggest shooter of the year is finally here, but …


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  1. My guess is the people who hated cod bo2 back then did not play the game or see the whole review and just skipped to the score at the end. Because i have played this game for many hours in campaign, zombies & multiplayer, and this review is accurate. This cod deserves a 9.3

  2. I grew up with the original black ops we owned this one but my brother got rid of it before I ever got to play it and I just bought it to play and I’m excited so that’s neat

  3. Uh I’ve got a question if it’s score is amazing why when I always pop it in my PlayStation 3 system crash I didn’t have these issues before intill I’ve signed in to Psn

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