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  1. Sidney is supernatural like Myers and Freddy as she was stabbed so much last time and it hardly had an effect on her. someone said Dewey is killed this time!

  2. Killers of the Scream films:

    Scream 1- Sidney’s Boyfriend and Boyfriend’s Best Friend.
    Scream 2- Sidney’s Ex Boyfriend’s Mother and fellow colleague.
    Scream 3- Sidney’s long lost half brother.
    Scream 4- Sidney’s cousin and cousin’s lover.
    Scream 5- 🤔…We Shall See.

  3. Ok it’s it’s surprising that IGN gave it a 9 but they could’ve left out the whole toxic fandom thing. Sure there’s the Extreme crazy one but not all fans are toxic. It’s gotten to the point where you can’t even criticize something without being told you’re just toxic or you’re sexist.

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